Patrick Manoukian

A journalist, editor, traveller and crime writer under the pseudonym of Ian Manook: Patrick Manoukian has a number of different vocations, the most prominent of which is perhaps the one which seen him release genre novels that have seen him become one of the biggest names in European crime fiction. There are two thrillers released from a cycle which stands out in terms of originality and ambience, with a law enforcer struggling with mysterious murders in the vast highlands of Mongolia: si tratta di "Yeruldelgger" and "Les Temps sauvages", work with which Manook «introduces the enjoyable Mongolian landscape into the crime genre, much like Mankell introduced Sweden more than twenty years ago» (Roberto Iasoni in "Corriere della Sera"). When he is not travelling, the author lives and works in Paris and speak about his experiences around the world in works such as L'arte di perdere tempo".

(photo: © Giliola Chistè)

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