Patrizio Roversi

Born in Mantua in 1954, Patrizio Roversi entered the showbiz world taking part in several TV programmes such as "Lupo Solitario" and "Turisti per Caso", always with Susy Blady. The successful programme was followed by "Velisti per caso" and "Evoluti per caso" , popularizing programmes devoted to travelling and evolutionism. Until 2001, with Piero Dorfles, he presented "Per un pugno di Libri". In 2007 he edited briefly the news column for Tiscali website. Completely fascinated by the direct contact with the public, in 10 year he has opened 3 websites: "Turisti per caso" e "Velisti per caso" e "Il giornale del cibo". In 2009 he interpreted the role of Wilkins Micawber in the serilized version of the famous novel by Charles Dickens, David Copperfield. In 2009 he also presented the programme "Tutto fa Storia", on History Channel, devoted to the inventions that have change our daily living.

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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