Pino Costalunga

Pino Costalunga, an actor, director and playwright, was born near Vicenza in 1956. After studying drama, in the early 80's he started to work in the theatre professionally. He collaborated with directors such as Christopher Chaplin, Orazio Costa Giovangigli, Pino Manzari, Georg Bintrup, Paolo Trevisi, Giorgio Marini, Bert Rolfart, Gianfranco De Bosio. He also worked not only as an actor, but as director and playwright for many companies including TAG Teatro in Venice, Teatro Piccionaia in Vicenza, Gran Teatro delle Calabrie, Studio Tre in Perugia, Teatroimmagine in Venice, Actores Alidos in Cagliari, Papagena in Norrköping Sweden, Fondazione Aida in Verona and many other groups. In 1996, he founded Glossa Teatro,, a cultural organization that performs shows and organizes theatre workshops. He holds courses on Commedia dell'Arte both the Kulturame School in Stockholm and at the Academy in Cairo. In 2003, his show "Luna, te si la me morose" broadcast by Radio Due was turned into a book, while in 2008, his adaptation for the theatre of "Pippi Longstocking" won the Biglietto d'oro del teatro Prize. In 2013 he published a children book about grammar rules: "Il bosco delle lettere". Since 2014 he is art director of Fondazione AIDA, a drama company based in Verona.

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