Silvio Perrella

Silvio Perrella is an Italian and literary critic. Born in Palermo in 1959, he has lived and worked in Naples for several years. Here, he worked as adjunct professor at Istituto Universitario L'Orientale. He devoted himself mainly to the tradition of 20th-century Italian literature and the relationship between genius loci and literature, widely discussed in his essays such as "Giùnapoli" (2009) e "Doppio scatto" (2014), both focussing on the city of Naples, its glorious cultural history and its less flashy present including hidden corners and unusual panoramas. He wrote the introduction to "Anna e Bruno" by Romano Bilenchi, "L'aria della sera e altri racconti" by Silvio D'Arzo, "Spaccanopoli" by Domenico Rea and "Sillabari" by Goffredo Parise (authored that he examined in depth in his narrative essay "Fino a Salgareda"). He also edited other books including "Meridiano" Mondadori devoted to Raffaele La Capria's works, George Orwell's essay anthology "Nel ventre della balena" and the republication of "Il critico come artista" by Oscar Wilde. He won the Bilenchi Prixe for Non-fiction. He writes for several newspapers and magazine such as"Il Mattino" e "L'indice dei libri del mese"; he is also editor in chief of "Mesogea. Segni e voci dal Mediterraneo". In 2016 he published the collection of essays "Addii, fischi nel buio, cenni"; in 2017 "Insperati incontri".

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