Sonia Ambroset

Sonia Ambroset is a psychologist, criminologist and educator. Her profession has led her to tackle the suffering of others in the most extreme contexts: she has worked in prisons, psychiatric communities and hospices. In recent years, she has confronted the world of palliative care and terminal illnesses in books such as "Stand by. Stati vegetativi e dintorni" (2011), "Ultima madre" (2016) and "Quando tutto è dolore" (2017, with Luciano Orsi). In the field of social health, she has worked at the Oncology Department at the San Carlo Hospital in Milan and the Residenza San Pietro in Monza. She is currently the head of the Psychology Service at the Associazione Vidas in Milan. She is a teacher in the three-year counselling training course at SIBiG.

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