Stregoni is an artistic project which came about after the meeting between the musician Johnny Mox, Above the Three and hundreds of migrants who were born in or came to Europe. It is a travelling performance workshop, which has so far visit numerous Italian and European cities, as well as places such as tent camps and shelters. Stregoni starts off with music chosen by migrants with the aim of breaking down barriers and revealing the wealth of human and cultural diversity through improvised choral singing: "we have happened", said the creators, "to be playing with classical musicians, or a kora player, which is a traditional African instrument, or with Zaid, a guy who, before escaping from Iraq following the advance of ISIS, founded what was likely the first and only metal band in the country." The touring workshop has gained considerable interest and several performances have been captured on video by director Joe Barba.

(photo: Stregoni)

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