Velibor Colic

Velibor Čolić was born in 1964 in Bosnia. In the chaos of the Yugoslav civil war, the young reporter and writer was forced to enlist in the Croatian/Bosnian army and became a witness to the ethnic cleansing, mass killings and atrocities that were committed in the trenches and villages. He deserted the army in 1992 but was captured before he could escape. He eventually moved to France as a political refugee and worked in a bookshop in Strasbourg. Author of five books in Serbo-Croatian, he has since chosen to use literature to combat the extremism and hate of which only humanity is capable, making the language of his exile his own. "Arcangeli" was his first book written in French. It was followed by "Gesù e Tito" (2010), in which the memories of a disembodied country are revived as if they were part of a photo album; "Sarajevo Omnibus (2012), which examines the history of the Balkans at the dawn of the Great War and the black comedy "Ederlezi" (2014). 2016 saw the release of "Manuale d'esilio", an intense and ironic autobiographic novel about the adventures of a young man who quickly becomes a refugee and is forced to start his life all over again.

(photo: Official Website)

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