Federico Taddia

Federico Taddia, born in Pieve di Cento in 1972, is an author and radio and television host, who in 2004 was awarded the Premio Alberto Manzi for education communication. He created and presented, amongst the others, the tv and radio shows L'Altrolato on Radio 2, Pappappero and L'altra Europa on Radio24, Screensaver, Nautilus and Terza pagina on Rai. He currently writes (with Giovanna Carboni) the television programme Sport Stories on Rai Gulp and the weekly Radio24 show I Padrieterni (presented with Matteo Bussola). He has worked with Fiorello both in writing and on the programme DiMartedì, he writes for the weekly comic strip newspaper Topolino and the daily La Stampa. He created and edits the Editoriale Scienza series Teste Toste, which started as an annual review of lectures from University professors to an audience aged under 14. In 2013, he was awarded the Premio Andersen for the best children's popular science series.

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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