Andrea Vitali

Andrea Vitali was born in 1956 in Bellano (Lake Como) where he was a medic for a while. a GP. He made his debut in fiction in 1990 with Il procuratore (Mont Blanc Prize for young novel), where the main characteristics of his narration appear: the setting in the province overlooking Lake Como, his crisp narration and sparkling dialogues fully plunging the readers into the story, the writer's historical distance from the events he writes about, always kept at least one generation apart. This was followed by more novel (Il meccanico Landru, 1992; L'ombra di Marinetti (1995, premio Piero Chiara), L'aria del lago, 2001 but it is with Una finestra vistalago that Vitali is met with great success by the critics and readers alike. The story tells of fifty year of living in a small town through characters becoming unique both by the author's irony as well as affectionate narration. Thanks to flattering comments making him the successor of writers such as Mario Soldati and Piero Chiara, Vitali carried on his writing fresco set in his own native land with many others publications.

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