Carlo Lucarelli

Carlo Lucarelli was born in Parma in 1960. An expert of fascist police, he defended a dissertation on the police of the Salò Republic and wrote numerous detective novels with inspector De Luca as protagonist. In the 90's he co-founded Gruppo 13, bringing together the main detective storywriters in Emilia-Romagna. Thanks to novels such as Almost Blue, Falange armata and Il giorno del lupo he became one of the most popular and representative Italian crime writers. His works, translated in many foreign languages, were often adapted for cinema and tv. A playwright, true crime journalist and comics scriptwriter, he worked for TV for many years and he created and conducted several popular programmes (Blu notte, Lucarelliracconta, Almost True). Together with Giampiero Rigosi, Beatrice Renzi e Michele Cogo, he founded Bottega Finzioni. Among his latest books (2017-2021): Intrigo italiano, Amok. Le stragi dell'odio (with Massimo Picozzi), Peccato mortale, L'incredibile, prima di colazione and L'inverno più nero. Un'indagine del commissario De Luca.

(foto: © Leonardo Céndamo)

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