Francesco Bianconi

Francesco Bianconi, born in 1973 in Montepulciano, is an Italian singer and composer, frontman of the Tuscan group Baustelle. After studying Science of Communication, in the mid 90's he created a first version of Baustelle together with Claudio Brasini, Rachele Bastreghi, Mirko Cappelli, Michele Angiolini and Fabrizio Massare. Meanwhile the band produced its first album Sussidiario illustrato della giovinezza, Bianconi moved to Milan in 2001 to work as a journalist for a gardening magazine and later also for other papers. Despite of his phisical absence from the band, that stayed based in Montepulciano, Tuscany, Baustelle released its second album La moda del lento in 2003. The following albums with Warner are: La malavita (2005), Amen (2008) and I mistici dell'Occidente, in the stores since March 2010. Francesco Bianconi is author of several songs for other artists: with Irene Grandi he wrote the hit Bruci la città and La cometa di Halley, presented at the festival of Sanremo in 2010. He also wrote the soundtrack for the film Giulia non esce la sera by Giuseppe Piccioni with Valerio Mastandrea and Valeria Golino. He wrote three novels: Il regno animale (2011), La resurrezione della carne (2015) and Atlante delle case maledette (2021).

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