Kari Hotakainen

«In 2002 in Finland, his publication of Via della trincea by Kari Hotakainen was a sort of event: as if the country had been waiting for a writer able to go beyond local stereotypes and deal with linguistic isolation» (Heidi Von Born, Svenska Dagbladet). Born in Pori in 1957, Hotakainen is now considered one of the most original Finnish authors, able to combine in his literary works hyperrealism and myth, the taste for absurd with legends and the popular Finnish popular culture. He made his literary debut with the poem collection Harmittavat takaiskut (1982). He has also authored both adult and children's books. Unlike his famous countryman, Arto Paasilinna, to whom he is often compared, he prefers writing about "people going through hard times in a world where success is determined by social status". As in his La legge di natura, where, after a serious car accident, the main character, a sixty-year old widower, is forced to be looked after by his hated daughter, in his books the relationship between his characters are increasingly becoming a sort of human cynic comedy of our times.

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