Marilù Oliva

Marilù Oliva lives in Bologna and teaches literature in a high school. She wrote several novels, three of which with the main character of Guerrera, alias Elisa Guerra, a laid-back heroine with a passion for salsa and capoeira, as well as criminology student and journalist. The saga is composed of"¡Tú la pagarás!" (2010), Premio Scerbanenco finalist "Fuego" (2011) and "Mala Suerte" (2012). She edited the anthologies Nessuna più. 40 autori contro il femminicidio and Il mestiere più antico del mondo? (2016). «What is striking about her style – as Valerio Evangelisti puts it – is the realism of her narration as well as her linguistic innovation. "Her metaphors and bold originality often takes you by surprise». "Le sultane" (2014) is a novel focus on the vicissitudes of three elderly ladies in a crumbling block of flats on the outskirts of Bologna, where family affections and relations amongst neighbours are interspersed with brutal crimes and bitter smiles. Since 2015 she also published La squola, (2016), Questo libro non esiste (2017), Le spose sepolte (2018), Musica sull'abisso (2019), L'Odissea raccontata da Penelope, Circe, Calipso e le altre (2020), Biancaneve nel Novecento (2021).

(photo: author)

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