Maurizio Maggiani

Born in Castelnuovo Magra, Maurizio Maggiani lives in La Spezia and boasts a super curriculum worth of the best American writers. He was a prison teacher, blind children teacher, cinema operator, assistant cinema director, montage operator, photographer, advertiser, hydraulic pumps constructor and civil servant. He is an avid reader from Dylan Thomas to Stephen King. He became famous as a writer in 1987, winning the competition for fiction in the weekly "Espresso". With his "Il coraggio del pettirosso" in 1995 he won the Viareggio Prize and Selezione Campiello prize and in 2005 won the 59th edition of the Strega Prize with "Il viaggiatore notturno". He has always lived in the region where he was born, but deep down he feels stateless, a cosmopolitan. He has written stories in many Italian, French, German and Spanish. He also writes for "La Stampa" and "Il Secolo XIX". In 2008 he published "Storia della meraviglia", with Gian Piero Alloisio, a cd ispired to their theatrical performance.

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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VARIAZIONE: all’evento 128 con Maurizio Maggiani sarà presente anche l'attore Tommaso Ragno.

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