Milo De Angelis

Milo De Angelis lives in Milan, where he was born in 1951. He is among the most significant Italian poets of his generation, both for his poetry and for his contribution to the theoretical debate on the meaning of the poem. In the collections Somiglianze (1976), Millimetri (1983) and Terra del viso (1985), he has managed to advance new and formally original proposals, supported by a painful inner wound which lends a tragic existential dimension to his poetry. His poetry entered into a reflective phase with Distante un padre (1989), up until his most recent collections Tema dell'addio (2005, Premio Viareggio), Incontri e agguati (2015), Linea intera, linea spezzata (2021). In the critical context, his works include Poesia e destino (1982) and the long-term editorship of Niebo, one of the magazines that has most enriched the panorama of published poetry in Italy, and thanks to the extreme rigor of its research and the rejection of every compromise. Of particular interest is La parola data (2017), a book of interviews with journalists, writers and friends that clarify the themes that run through all his work. The book Tutte le poesie (1969-2015) was published by Mondadori in 2017.

(photo: © Leonardo Cendamo)

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