Paola Splendore

Paola Splendore has taught English literature at the Università Orientale in Naples and at the Università di Roma Tre, concentrating primarily on postcolonial literature and migrant literature. The literary representation of violence in fiction written by women also features in her studies. She has published essays on the works of Indian, South African and Caribbean writers, as well as having edited Italian editions of works by Virginia Woolf, the philosopher Raymond Williams and the Nobel Prize winner J.M. Coetzee. For Donzelli, she has translated poetry by Sujata Bhatt (Il colore della solitudine, 2005), Ingrid de Kok (Mappe del corpo, 2008), Karen Press (Pietre per le mie tasche, 2012) and Moniza Alvi (Un mondo diviso, 2014); together with Jane Wilkinson, she edited the anthology of South African poetry Isole galleggianti (2011) and translated a collection of poems by Jo Shapcott (Della mutabilità, 2015). In 2016 she coordinated the collective translation of Philip Schultz's poem Erranti senza ali. In 2017 she translated Hardi Choman's La crudeltà ci colse di sorpresa, in 2018 Il dio della solitudine by Philip Schultz and in 2021 Variazioni Beethoven by Ruth Padel.

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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VARIAZIONE: all'evento 65 con Ruth Padel e Paola Splendore è previsto l'accompagnamento musicale del Trio David.