Teresa Ciabatti

Born in Orbetello, Teresa Ciabatti graduated in modern literature from the Università di Roma "La Sapienza". She published her first novel, Adelmo torna da me, in 2002, bringing to life the summer holidays (and romances) of a fourteen-year-old girl. The work was adapted to a film by Paolo Virzì entitled "L'estate del mio primo bacio" (2006), with the screenplay co-written by the author, who has since gone on to write other successful Italian films (Tre metri sopra il cielo, Ho voglia di te, Un gioco da ragazze). Her second novel, I giorni felici, was released in 2008 and tells the story of the suffocating petty-bourgeois Mannucci family, with the young Sabrina treated as a child prodigy by her father. This was followed by "Il mio paradiso è deserto" (2013) and Tuttisanti (2013). With La più amata (2017), semi-finalist in the Strega Prize. The work, which is autobiographical in nature, traces the steps of Ciabatti's childhood, dominated by the tumultuous father figure and a series of events that led her to become, in her own words, an «unfinished woman».

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