Bruno Gambarotta

Bruno Gambarotta was born in Asti in 1937. A compiler, director and supervisor of RAI programmes, his entertaining and comic talent was brought to light thanks to Celentano and his 1987 programme "Fantastico". Thus his career as a TV and Radio Presenter started: "Fantastico '87", "Lascia o raddoppia", "Tempo reale", etc. With Fabio Fazio he acted in a serialized programme for Rai Due, broadcast in December 1997. He is the author and interpreter of cabaret shows and writes for several newspapers including "L'Unità", "La Stampa", "La Repubblica", "Comix". He runs a regular column on "Torino Sette". He has also written several humorous detective novels: with "La nipote Scomoda" he won the Città di Cattolica Gran Giallo Award. In 2006 he lances the collection of novels "Le Grandi Parodie" with "Codice Gianduiotto", an hilarious and sophisticated novel which makes fun of Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code". In 2011 he published "Le ricette di Nefertiti", the aphrodisiac recipes by the most well known queen of ancient Egypt. After "Ombra di giraffa" (2014), an hilarious comedy about TV and old age, he wrote Giallo polenta. Misteri sulla neve" (2016, with Renzo Capelletto) and "Non si piange sul latte macchiato. Racconti in giallo" (2016).

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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