Antonio Moresco

Antonio Moresco was born in Mantua in 1947 and currently lives in Milan. When he was forty-six, he published his first collection of stories "Clandestinità". Then he published a short story "La cipolla" and an autobiographical book "Lettere a Nessuno". After a series of rejections by publishers he managed to public "Gli esordi" in 1998, an intense and marvelous five hundred pages novel centered around three key moments in a man's life, first a seminarian, then a revolutionary activist and then a writer waiting to be published. With "I Canti del Caos" he was finally acclaimed by both the public and the critics at large as one of the best writers in the last decades. His work has been unanimously acclaimed as unique, a "world novel" where horror and sci-fi, love and pornography, carnality and mysticism coexist. With "Favole di Maria" he won the Andersen Prize in 2008 and best book in the 6/9 years section. His most recent books include "La Lucina" and "Fiaba d'Amore" drawing on fables and myth, rediscovering their archetypal value.

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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