Ascanio Celestini

Ascanio Celestini works with Compagnia Teatro del Montevaso in Leghorn (Thetre Company) and with Canti per l'Agresta in Rome, a group of musicians that collect and revisit folk music and songs. He worked as a mascherario (mask maker) for several Italian artists and teaches story-telling techniques, mask making and use for the elderly, adults, children to professional and amateur actors. His collaborations as actor, director and author include: "Cicoria" (1998), "In fondo al mondo", "Pasolini" (1999) with Gaetano Ventriglia. "Vita morte e miracoli" as the first part of "Milleuno", a trilogy on story-telling tradition, with "Baccalà", "Il racconto dell'acqua" and "La fine del mondo". Ascanio Celestini officially became a professional actor with his his recital "Radio Clandestina. Roma, le fosse Ardeatine, la memoria", adapted from Alessandro Portelli's "L'ordine è stato eseguito".

(photo: © Festivaletteratura)

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