La favola d'Orfeo
8 9 2017
La favola d'Orfeo

A musical retelling of the ancient myth

The youngest volunteers at Festivaletteratura are more than ready to play their part. They will write about the events and workshops at Casa del Mantegna, which are dedicated to children.

In ancient Greece there lived a man named Orpheus, the son of Apollo and the muse Calliope. A sensitive musician and poet, he tamed beasts and changed the course of rivers with his skills. One day he met a nymph called Eurydice and, struck by her grace and beauty, he fell in love with her. They married soon after in a Thracian forest, but a terrible omen came true during the ceremony.

This ancient myth, told for the first time by Ovid in Metamorphoses and by Virgil in the fourth book of the Georgics, was staged by Dario Moretti and Giuseppe Semeraro together with Francesco Moi, music director. The show took place in the stunning 'Rustica' apartment in Palazzo Ducale. The music, lyrics and videos of puppets projected onto the screen really helped the young spectators get to know the characters.