Laughing with David Walliams
8 9 2018
Laughing with David Walliams

No boredom allowed

"Why should an actor also write?" was Marco Malvaldi’s first question to David Walliams. The author responded without hesitation: revenge. As a child, his sister dressed him up in girl’s clothes and one of his first books talks about a boy who goes to school dressed like a girl.


Taking inspiration from this, the writer explained to the young audience how a good book comes into being, according to him: the combination of two seemingly “normal” ideas to create something truly surprising.

One of the questions asked by the audience was about the point of view he uses to re-read his own books. Walliams responded by saying that he reads them out loud, from the point of view of an eight-year-old boy to try and understand how his readers understand him.

Walliams also gave some advice to his young readers and future writers: he recommends putting an antagonist in your story (though make sure they’re funny and cheerful), adding that that they are a fundamental because they capture the readers’ attention.

After a number of questions, Malvaldi asked Walliams if he believes that an author should always try to set a good example in their books. The author responded by saying that, yes, it is important, but that we must also try to insert hidden meanings and morals into the story. Finally, Walliams revealed which author inspired him most as a writer: his idol, Roald Dahl.