One, two, three...
12 9 2015
One, two, three...

Festivaletteratura for the little ones: this year at the Festival, we have six young volunteers who are working with the editorial staff to give their own perspective on the many events dedicated to children.

Even colours have their own story: at the beginning, there's black and white, then comes red, followed by blue and yellow comes along later.

The Compagnia Drammatico Vegetale theatre company astounded their young audience through the use of gestures, sounds, melodies and colour rather than words. There was no set plot so audience members had the chance to interpret what they saw in their own invidual way, letting their imaginations run wild. From a small box to a red ball, a piece of ribbon and some bubbles. From the sea to the sky, from a flying bird to a darting fish.

The two actors Pietro Fenati and Elvira Mascanzoni showed us how it is possible to capture their audience’s attention through the use of just light and shadow.

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