A Medley of Stories
7 9 2017
A Medley of Stories

A journey of discovery through theatre

The youngest volunteers at Festivaletteratura are more than ready to play their part. They will write about the events and workshops at Casa del Mantegna, which are dedicated to children.

"Are you worried?" asks Flora, volunteer at the event, to Carol Cassistat, the Canadian actor and director. "No", he replies, in French, "I'm just a little stressed." Carol then moves to the lawn to enjoy the gentle September breeze, before the show starts.

The entrance to the theatre is accompanied by the splash of raindrops in the puddles. Children and adults ask themselves about the wooden frame on the stage and what it could represent. Then, after short presentation by the author, the fun begins... but not in Italian. But in French! At that point, Cristina Cazzola reminds the actor that he is in Italy, not Quebec, and then he tries to kick off the show in English and then in Spanish, forcing Cristina to take control of the situation. It's all part of the game.

The story began a while ago, when Cristina sent Carol a series of idea that could eventually become a theatre script. Carol didn't understand everything Cristina had written because she used Italian, but he insisted on showing her what he had understood from the letter, such as a man travelling to a distant country and a woman who lived in the countryside, looking after cow and her mother driving a tractor!

With this show, Carol and Cristina sought to explain to the young audience that you don't need to be an author to write and that theatre also needs a written text, stemming from a series of ideas, which will then lead them to their own performances.