Reach Mantua and move around the city (polluting less)
In 2021, we are committed to reducing the festival's ecological footprint by identifying several actions to limit as much as possible the emissions emissions related to mobility, both internal and of our audience. Here we we provide you with the essential information to organize your trip in a conscious way.
For Mantova there are direct train connections from the stations of: MILAN, VERONA, MODENA, BOLOGNA, CREMONA. The station is a few minutes walk from the historic center.
Different lines connect the center of Mantova with other with other localities in the province, outside the province and with the different districts of the city. The urban urban circular line runs through the whole with departures every 15 minutes. See all the routes and timetables of the APAM urban and interurban lines on
electric car sharing
E-Vai offers an electric car sharing service in Lombardy. To use it, all you have to do is sign up for the service, book the car through the E-Vai app, through the service web, pick up the car from one of the recharging stations and travel. All information on
exchange parking lots
In order to allow those who arrive by car to park easily at the gates of the city, limiting in this way the number of cars in circulation circulating in the historical center, four four exchange parking lots located in the different entrances to Mantua. These are the parking lots of Campo Canoa, Piazzale Montelungo and Cimitero degli Angeli (free of charge). of the Angels (free of charge) and the underground parking lot of Porta Pradella (with fee). The parking lots of Campo Canoa and piazzale Montelungo are connected with the center with the center by a free shuttle managed by APAM by APAM (with departures every 12' from 7.00 to 24.00 during the days of the Festival). In the four parking lots will be available bicycles of the service Ride- Movi service will be available in the four parking lots (see section dedicated to cycling). Other parking lots in the city: Anconetta (free public parking lot). (free public parking), Porta Mulina, Piazza D'Arco, piazza San Giovanni, Piazza Virgiliana, Piazzale Gramsci, viale Risorgimento, viale Isonzo, viale Mincio (areas with public parking with fee). Translated with (free version)
accompanying disabled people
Also this year for people with physical disabilities a dedicated service, cared by ANFFAS with specialized personnel, in full compliance with the anti-covid regulations. The reception points are the parking lots of Campo Canoa and of piazza Virgiliana. The service is free and to access it is necessary to book within Tuesday September 7.
Mantua is a bike-friendly city: few differences in height, a historic center largely closed to traffic and a good cycling infrastructure. The bicycle is undoubtedly the most comfortable and and fastest way to get around the city. To stimulate its use even over longer distances (in urban routes between between 5 and 10 km, the bicycle is faster than the car in terms of overall travel time and parking) we have created a a map with safe cycling routes to reach the the center both from the hinterland municipalities (Curtatone, Borgo Virgilio, San Giorgio Bigarello and Porto Mantovano Mantovano) and from the four exchange parking lots, where those arriving by car have the possibility to rent a bicycle from the free-flowing bike-sharing service RideMovi free-flow bike-sharing service - with pedal-assisted or muscular - through the service's app (for rates see RideMovi's app for rates). The recommended routes follow bike paths, bike/pedestrian sections and pedestrian or low-traffic roads. RideMovi free-flow bike sharing: during the Festival, from September 8 to 12, RideMovi offers a a discount of €1 to users of the service with the code BIKEFESTIVAL (for bicycles with muscular (for muscular pedal bicycles) and EBIKEFESTIVAL (for bicycles with pedal assisted bicycles).

Assistance for cyclists: Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 will stop in Piazza Sordello the mobile workshop "Support Cyclists" of Selle Royal, to offer all cyclists a free coffee and a bike check. Also in Piazza Sordello, for all the days of the Festival, the of the Festival, NewPV, a startup that deals with innovative photovoltaic systems, an experimental space for charging electric bicycles.

Do you have doubts about cycling? Do you want to know which is the fastest and safest way to reach the Festival? Write us to [email protected] e cercheremo di aiutarti.
Stopover points equipped with drainage and toilets and showers:
AREA SPARAFUCILE – via Legnano, 1/a – Mantova
PARCO PAGANINI – via Fiera, 11 – località Grazie di Curtatone (MN)
Hours: Monday through Thursday, continuous hours from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m.; Fridays, Saturdays and days before holidays 24 hours a day | Tel. 0376 368844 - cell. 335 5959285 |

Collection points in piazza Cavallotti Mantova (presso Teatro Sociale), piazza Sordello (vicino ingresso Palazzo Ducale), piazza Don Leoni Mantova (Stazione dei treni).