Designing Purpose and the Purpose of Design
12 9 2020
Designing Purpose and the Purpose of Design

Searching for meaning through objects

The designer Francesco Faccin - known, among other things, for his reinterpretation of a classic chair design and for his Honey Factory - is the type of designer who doesn’t really belong to one genre, as he likes to experiment across different genres and loves surprising his audience. As the architect Beppe Finessi adds, he is one of the designers who have truly made history in Italy; the anomalous, hard-to-define ones, who love to work with different media and like to try out new things.

His background is incredibly original, too. As a teenager, he was a self-proclaimed compulsive hoarder and used to collect objects which he then used to create “stuff”. He studied Botanics for one year, then he decided to enrol in the European Institute of Design in Milan, where he studied Industrial Design under Enzo Mari. He impressed Mari with to a cover letter and a portfolio that included his original creations. Afterwards, he worked in a workshop for several years until he met Michele De Luchi.


Traditionally, industrial design is linked to the creation of merchandise, that is, mass production of objects. However, in the past, objects used to have a deep meaning, as there needed to be a strong connection between tools and users. What is Faccin’s vision on design? According to him, design is just a means to obtain something: the meaning. The meaning of what he does, of what he’s supposed to do, of life itself. Finding a solution is not the most important thing; it’s the search that keeps him motivated. Objects are not the thing; they are the thing that gets you to the thing.