Girls Filled With Thoughts
12 9 2015
Girls Filled With Thoughts

Paolo Nori and the adventures of two special girls

The writer Paolo Nori and the cartoonist Vanna Vinci sought to explain to their audience how the way in which children, and especially girls, think can often teach us more than we could imagine. The author engaged children, teenagers and adults alike in explaining the events of his two books, La bambina fulminante and La piccola battaglia portatile in a fun, exciting and interesting way.

La bambina fulminante is an illustrated book for children about the daily life of Ada, a young girl who thinks she has strange parents but in fact, it's her who is the truly interesting member of her family.


La piccola battaglia portatile, which is aimed at a more adult audience, is a handbook belonging to a child who uses it to tell us about her adventures. The child is known as “La Battaglia” because, for her father, trying to be a good parent is a real battle.

There were many youngsters in the audience, but there were also a great number of adults present who were reminded of their personal battles with their own children in trying to raise them in the best way possible.

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