Ludwig Van Beethoven: Between Poetry and Music
10 9 2021
Ludwig Van Beethoven: Between Poetry and Music

Ruth Sophia Padel, and her special bond with Ludwig Van Beethoven

In the evocative surroundings of Palazzo della Ragione, Ruth Sophia Padel led the audience on an incredible journey during her event about the life and work of Beethoven. She took us back in time to Beethoven’s period through a reading of her poem dedicated to the master musician and composer. The work, Beethoven Variations. Poems on a Life, represents a kind of dialogue between Ruth and Ludwig, there are some moments of his life, unfortunately a complicated one due to his problematic relationship with his father. Some of his personal reflections were discussed, even a little part of a letter he wrote for his secret love. The reading was very impressive, dramatic, it almost seemed as if the book was written by Beethoven himself because it tells the facts in a very profound way.

Padel was joined by Paola Splendore, who translated the book into Italian, with the title “Variazioni Beethoven”. It was a very moving event, Paola and Ruth seemed thrilled to read some of the poems from the book, it was almost like sitting at a table with the musician himself! Furthermore, every poem was followed by a musical performance by Trio David, three young musicians based in Rome who delighted us with some extracts of Beethoven’s unforgettable music. This musical feature was the icing on the cake as it helped the audience appreciate how poetry is not just about feeling, it is an experience. We experience the life of the musician not only through his words, but also through his own incredible creations.

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